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YAS Therapy

Mourning; experienced after various losses. It can be experienced due to trauma, loss, divorce, deception, abandonment, abandonment, forced migration, relocation, change in life routine, organ loss, serious illnesses (a companion), loss of status and/or job, as well as death/s.


Grief Therapy(t) accompanies clients with special techniques and approaches to cope with these processes so that they can overcome the process in a healthier way.

In grief therapy, living your grieving healthily is at the center. The suppressed mourning process can trigger a pathological process.

“Analytical therapies are not a monolithic field of activity that is persistently applied to every client. A good diagnostic formulation will guide the therapist's choices regarding key points such as attachment style, style of intervention, and initial emphasis. 17, 18 Psychoanalytic Diagnosis

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