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Individual and Couple 

You do NOT have to take advantage of the Family Counseling service by participating collectively with couples or family members. If you come together, different goals are set, if you come alone, different goals are set. This also applies to children and adolescents in the family.

If your partner is refusing to get help for some reason, this may be a reflection of the circumstances that fuel your need for help. Since the goal cannot be to change the one who refuses to come, it can be aimed for you to gain new stances and perspectives.

“The therapist's job in this situation includes identifying the conflict, helping the client to focus on the emotions associated with that conflict, and enabling them to develop new solutions for coping with that conflict.” p: 63

"Therapists themselves may describe what they do as providing ../.. new opportunities for emotional learning involving intimacy, and from this perspective 'technique' rank second to the healing potential of the relationship itself." p. 17 Nancy McWilliams, Psychoanalytic Diagnosis

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