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About me


I grew up in Bursa. I came to Istanbul for my high school education. Subsequently, I moved to the USA in 2006 and lived in Chicago until 2016. Since I consider this process not only as an academic experience but as an experience of living together with people from many cultures and classes, I believe that it greatly contributes to my empathy for my clients with different lifestyles. After completing my academic education, ending my first marriage and returning to Turkey for sure, I settled in Istanbul. By blending my education in Family Counseling, Dynamic Psychotherapy and Grief Therapy with Sociology and Philosophy, I focus on all three dimensions of the problems and try to accompany my clients to understand themselves and their needs and take healthier steps in accordance with their own life dynamics.



After my final return to Istanbul in 2016 from America-Chicago, where I settled with the motivation of education in 2006, I was waiting for the long bureaucratic equivalence process, since I could not be involved in any professional or academic study, English private lessons and Psychology for students at private universities, mainly for managers engaged in international trade. I have given academic private lessons in the fields of Philosophy and Philosophy. I have done professional translations for different projects. I had my second marriage in 2021. While I accompany my clients' problems with analysis and reflections by adding this life experience, from which I graduated from the first and learned a lot, to my life journey, which is rich in many aspects, I think that it makes a contribution even though I am aware that every experience is a collection of unique experiences, and I receive valuable feedback from my clients to ensure this. I'm buying.


In this process, I also took care of children from some disadvantaged groups.


NGOs related to my field etc. Since they generally buy from their own social circle, I have lived away from Turkey for 10 years and  Since I do not feel like I belong to any faction, I was able to carry out my professional work only as an individual.


In addition to the trainings I received abroad, Üsküdar University Family Counseling training, Grief Therapy and valuable Prof. Dr. By adding DYNAMIC PSYCHOTHERAPY trainings from Doğan Şahin to my horizon, I serve with online sessions.  

Despite the fact that some circles show extreme field sensitivity due to employment problems in Turkey, I have received from universities and fed with external readings.  I believe that we can move forward more efficiently with clients, as I have gained knowledge on all three pillars of the problems of human existence through Sociology, Philosophy, Psychological Counseling, Grief Therapy and Dynamic Psychotherapy trainings.


My areas of interest and work are especially bereavement therapy, Trauma, Relationship problems between couples, Divorce process and after, Psychology of Disadvantaged Groups within the framework of Political Psychology.

Some of My Education and Experience

prof. Dr. From Doğan Şahin


prof. Dr. Dogan Sahin; He graduated from Istanbul University, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine in 1983. After completing his compulsory service in Antakya (4 years) and his military service in Istanbul, he started his psychiatry specialization at Istanbul Medical Faculty.  He became a psychiatrist in 1994 with his thesis titled "The Interaction of Personality Traits and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Developed After Torture". He became Associate Professor of Psychiatry in 2000 and Professor of Psychiatry in 2008.

His fields of study are dynamic psychotherapies, personality and personality disorders, sexuality and sexual dysfunctions, community mental health, political psychology, human rights, trauma and torture.

She retired voluntarily in 2018. She still continues her dynamic psychotherapy training in personality disorders and teaches Clinical Psychology Master's and Doctorate courses at Okan University.  

In this training, dynamic psychotherapies;

  • How is the first meeting done?

  • How to take anamnesis?

  • How is Case Formulation done?

  • How to create a therapy contract and therapy framework? In addition to basic applications such as dynamic psychotherapy theories and practices, basic psychoanalytic theory will be conveyed.

  • In this context, theorists such as Freud, Anna Freud, Heinz Hartmann and Erik Erikson are discussed.



Session 1:

  • Introduction to Psychoanalysis, Basic Concepts

  • Economic Theory, Topographical and Structural Theory

  • Drive and Psychosexual Development

  • Oral Period, Oral Characters

  1. Session

  • Anal Period, Anal Character

  • Oedipal Period in Men

  • Oedipal Period for Women

  • Superego Development

  1. Session

  • Defense Mechanisms

  1. Session

  • Dynamic Anamnesis-1

  1. Session

  • Dynamic Anamnesis- 2

  1. Session

  • Ego Development and Identity

  • The psychopathology of everyday life, jokes, slips, dreams

  1. Session

  • Inhibition, Symptom, Anxiety

  • Dynamics of various symptoms

  • Ego Psychology, A. Freud and Hartmann

  • Erikson and the 8 Stages of Man

  1. Session

  • Case formulation

  • Therapy contract and framework

Üsküdar University Grief Therapy


Content of the Training:

How old are you?

Types of loss and the reactions they cause

Normal grief and pathological grief

Ethical rules and professional boundaries 

The importance and steps of the first meeting 

Factors to consider in the first meeting 

Anamnesis methods and anamnesis samples 

therapeutic relationship building  methods and techniques

PIY- Psychological First Aid and Crisis Intervention

Techniques for coping with grief in children

Grief and coping methods in the grief process work with children

Watching session videos in coping with the grieving process

Role play studies on intervention techniques in children and adults


Uskudar University

Family Counseling Training


The Family Counseling Regulation was published in the Official Gazette dated 4 September 2012. According to the regulation, which paves the way for sociology graduates to become family counselors, a total of 450 hours of training, 300 hours of which is theoretical, 120 hours of practical training, and 30 hours of supervision.


Some of the trainings I have received:


Marriage, Family Processes, 

Positive Psychotherapy Approaches, 

Family Sociology, 

Family and Child Law, 

Child and Adolescent Psychology, 

Family and Couple Counseling Theories, 

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy in Family Counseling, 

Pragmatic Approaches in Family Counseling,

Communication in the Family, 

Adolescent/Child Psychology And Tests, 

Mental Health Problems in the Family, 

Trauma in the Family, 

Violence And Child Abuse, 

Ethical Practices in Family Counseling, 

Sexual Problems in the Family, 

Interview Techniques, 

Family Counseling Practice and Supervision

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago - 

Sociology - Philosophy double major GPA: 3.88

09.2012 - 06.2016

While continuing my education at this university of Chicago, which has competent staff in the field of Social Sciences, as a student with immigrant status, I gained many theoretical and practical observations and experiences about refugees, immigrants and disadvantaged institutions. I have done many field researches on various subjects as part of my department and prepared articles in Turkish and English.  


Some of the Courses I've Taken:

Women, Men and Social Change, 

Sociology of Love, 

Marriages and Family, 

Social Distortion, 

Current/New Social Issues, 

Race and Ethnic Relations, 

Social Inequalities, 

Sociology of Violence, 

The Changing Image of American Women, 

Critical Thinking, 

Social Statistics, 

Reassessment of Race and Gender 

Moraine Valley Community College, Chicago — Associate Degree


My GPA is 4.00 out of 4.00



Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Cultural Anthropology courses.

Marriage and Family

Gender and Gender Sociology


CITI Program - Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative - 2016

University of Miami – Miller School of Medicine -

Research Ethics Online Training Certifications in Human Subjects Protections

Human Subject Protection Ethics Training, Academic Research Ethics Training Certificate is important for the protection of ethical rules and privacy, since our interlocutor is human while collecting statistical data in research and experiments.  


Think / Talk / Listen — DECTION EDUCATION - Bursa

DKD Seminars 2004

Think Talk Listen Seminars - I shared the DKD training I had previously received at the Association for Helping the Poor and the Needy with the trainees.


Mahsus Mahal and Write a Prisoner - 2014 - Present

Within the scope of these organizations, writing and answering letters regularly to inmates at home and abroad, sending books. In this process, I give psychological support to judicial and political prisoners without criticizing their life views and without judging them. Among them, Latinos, Native Americans and African-Americans are also predominant. Even though I applied after my final return to Turkey to work professionally in such social service and psychological support projects in Turkey, I unfortunately passed the job because I was not affiliated with any faction. I carry out my work individually.


EU Supported Project Writing and Translation - 2015-2016

-Editorship and translation from Turkish to English of two European Support Fund Projects aiming at improving the quality of life of disadvantaged groups and their better access to psychological help.



Graduation Grade Point Average:

Magna Cum Laude GPA: 3.88 /4.00  


-Northeastern Illinois University Merit Scholarship


-Alpha Kappa Delta, AKD and 

-Alpha Chi Honor Society 

Member of Alpha Chi Honor Society:


Lifetime membership to the Academic Society, where only high academic achievement Sociologists and Sociology students are invited from within.



My mother language is Turkish. Even though I stayed abroad for about 10 years, I tried to keep my connection with Turkish constantly alive with the effect of my passion for mother tongue.  

English: Native language level - I can present to large audiences, develop text content, prepare articles.


Arabic and Kurdish: Beginner. I can speak well enough to communicate in a friendly way. I trained for both of them for a semester.  



Political Psychology

Grief Therapy

linguistic studies 

sociological observation

philosophical readings




So far, apart from living in the USA, I have traveled to Germany (2002), Macedonia (2005), Bosnia (2005), Syria (2009), Jordan (2009), Georgia (2017), respectively, between 2006-2016. I believe that these experiences also contributed to my ability to empathize.

Chicago Latino Union, Chicago — Social Worker
02.2013-09.2014 Periodic // Project Based

In the Latin American Regular Workers Union, helping Latin American and registered and undocumented immigrants find a job, reporting employer abuses, enabling them to learn English, keeping minutes about employers who do not pay their wages because they do not speak enough English or cannot claim their rights due to their immigrant status, communication, leading the way, organizing seminars on sexual abuse by caregivers, socio-psychological support of those who have been wronged and preventing it, etc. I took part in responsibilities such as preparing regular reports. At the same time, I prepared a portfolio and an article about this study in the field of Sociology and Psychology.

Aid Association for the Poor and the Needy, Bursa 
— Field Worker and Project Manager
01.2003-07.2004 Volunteer

As the leader of the women's section of the Non-Governmental Organization, I took part in many levels of social aid activities. I took an active role in the development and follow-up of projects on communities subjected to forced migration, socio-economically disadvantaged groups and people of different ethnicities. We are in favor of researching the real conditions of the applicants to our association in order to carefully use the funds of the organization in the field, preparing reports, following up on those who benefit from our activities, making weekly and monthly presentations to the members of the association at different levels at the board of directors meetings, preparing new projects, carrying out synchronized works between institutions for disadvantaged groups and the institution. it gave me a lot of experience.

  • Some of My Favorite Features

  • to be merciful

  • Empathy

  • Listening and trying to understand without judgment

  • Being able to say I don't know or I'm wrong when appropriate

  • Making effective presentations in English or Turkish to large groups 

  • Curiosity and respect for other languages and cultures through a passion for mother tongue

  • Caring and Punctuality 

  • Smiling face

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