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Sex Therapy

You don't necessarily have to have a partner or come with your partner to get help with your sexual problems.


Sex is not shameful. Talking about sexual matters as much as sexuality is not a situation that requires shame or guilt within the framework of mutual consent. As family counselors and psychotherapists, we listen to sexual issues and problems that are seen as a shame, taboo and sin for others, without judging or underestimating, and accompany the clients to analyze and resolve the source of the problem.


The sexuality that you think you will be shamed and judged, that you live with consenting adults, or whether you want to live or not, may be taboo even for you due to social pressures and wrong and inadequate education, and may cause some sexual and psychological problems due to oppression.


It is unethical for us, as those who provide psychological counseling services, to belittle, condemn or judge these issues. However, unfortunately, there are many experts who violate ethical rules. You can choose the expert you can trust with your intuition and observations.

The issues that clients sometimes see as a problem in sexual matters may not even be as big a problem as it is thought. Of course, this may not be due to the simplicity of the topics brought to the session, but to insufficient knowledge or internalized taboos imposed by society.

Recognizing this situation through feedback and psycho-education in the sessions is an indication that most of the sexual, psychological and relationship-related problems can be overcome with different and sometimes easier steps than you think.

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