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Family counselling

The fact that the clients see family counseling as a process, fast consumption is a service or  that there is no advisory body that takes responsibility for decision making from you.  awareness increases the function of psychological support.

Almost no vital, psychological problem can be resolved with one session or a few hours of discussion. Being aware of this will increase the gains from the consultancy service.

We accompany you with scientific techniques so that you can take the most appropriate steps for you and the dynamics of your life in your relationships with family counseling (spouse, partner, parent, child, etc.) and to face your emotions.

"...Unlike other clinical schools in psychoanalysis, a disease is not cured, but a human being is tried to be understood in all its complexity and holism." Nancy McWilliams, Psychoanalytic Diagnosis

First of all, being understood, and even witnessing someone make a special effort to understand without judgment, is in itself a therapeutic process that increases one's quality of life.

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